FINAL RESULTS (1/1/17):  Thanks so much to everyone who bought my book during the holidays!  Thanks to 54 sales on 12/31, we reached our goal!  The final tally is 1654 book sold from 11/29-12/31 (including 136 ebooks), with 532 of those from my retail customers, giving total profits of $8,158.21!  So I’ll be sending checks for $2,039.55 to each of the four charities – THANKS ALL, AND HAPPY 2017!!

Further update (12/30/16) – just over 24 hours left and just over $7,500 in profits since 11/29/16.  It’s going to take quite a push to get to $8,000, but hopefully we’ll get there!

Latest update (12/17/16) – just passed the $6,000 threshold for profits since 11/29/16, with two weeks left.  I really hope we can get to $2,000 per charity ($8,000 total)!

I will be donating 100% of all profits from book sales from November 29, 2016 through December 31, 2016 to charity.  As I mention in my book, Hamilton has been an incredible and positive experience for me and my family, so this my way to give back and I’m beginning it on #GivingTuesday.

Buy my book now at Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Amazon!

The donations will be split evenly between Graham Windham, HeForShe, the National Parks and Random Acts.  Here’s why:

  • Graham Windham – This orphanage was started by Eliza Hamilton, is a great cause and has the most direct connection to Alexander Hamilton
  • HeForShe – As a father of a teenage daughter about to go off on her own, gender equality is a cause dear to me. Plus, my daughter loves Emma Watson (in addition to loving Hamilton, she’s a huge Harry Potter fan)
  • National Park Foundation – The National Parks mean a great deal to me, and they have been very supportive of my book (which can be found at 4 National Park sites). Plus they gave me my only modeling gig (so far…)
  • Random Acts – The world needs more random acts of kindness, especially now, and we’re also big fans of Supernatural (and Misha Collins is a supporter of this charity).

So if you’re going to buy my book for yourself, or if you need stocking stuffers for all the Hamilton fans on your list, now is the time to buy.  While it’s not as good as donating directly to these charities (which I also encourage), you still have gifts to buy and you know that your purchase is helping out.  If you’re buying online, the best place to get the paperback is Barnes & Noble or IndieBound (I’m having issues with my paperback book availability on Amazon, though you can still get it and my ebook there).

All sales during this period are tremendously appreciated, and you’ll be generating donations to four great causes (and getting a fun little book as well, if I do say so myself)!  The divisiveness in our country right now can tear us apart, or it can be motivation for all of us to actively try to make a positive difference and support each other – I’m choosing the latter.

If you’re interested in what I mean by “profits”, I provide some details here.