MoAF Talk

I had my first public-speaking event related to my book on Thursday, November 10th at the Museum of American Finance.  I split my talk into two sections – the first was about how I became interested in Hamilton (both the show and the man) and a bit of the process of putting my book together.  The second part of the talk was walking the audience through one of the itineraries from my book – I chose the Aaron Burr-themed itinerary because it covers the most area (uptown, downtown, SoHo and New Jersey).

The talk went really well, and it was nice to see some kids in the audience, all of whom were probably more familiar with the show and the music than the adults (and I’m pretty sure every kid there bought a copy of my book afterwards).  It was also a lot fun talking to the folks that had me sign their copy of the book (especially the kids) – we sold out of all the copies the museum had on hand.

While I had been very apprehensive going into the event (I haven’t had much public-speaking experience), the talk went really well and the audience was great – quite a few people came up to me afterwards to say they enjoyed it.  Here are a few pics from the event:

1st Book Signing came and went…

img_6656Let’s call it a qualified success.  There was a steady stream of customers into the P!Q store, and more than a few made their way over to my table to take a look at my book.  However, there was more chatting than purchasing.

I really enjoyed talking to people about the book, and I had some great conversations with folks who have seen the show – almost all of those discussions involved some form of the lucky ones who’ve seen the show passionately telling everyone else that the show really is that good, and they need to go see it now!

It was a lot of fun, and I really appreciate the Sarut Group and P!Q hosting my book signing, with a special shout-out to Eric Sims, who was willing to take a chance on carrying my book (which is one of their top-selling titles in the store – I think he said it was number 2 for the past month) and who put together this signing.  I’m trying really hard not to throw away my shot…


Day before the book signing…

img_1366I stopped by P!Q on Thursday to drop off some books in preparation for Friday’s book signing.  I had a brief chat with Vic, who has handled these things before and who gave me some helpful tips.

I wasn’t sure if the signage would already be up, and it was fun to see my name on a sign in Grand Central, which has over 750,000 people pass through EVERY DAY!  Hopefully I can get 1 out of every 10,000 of those folks to buy a book tomorrow…

First Book Signing…

So I have my first book signing ever coming up, this Friday.  PIQ, one of the stores that carries my book, suggested this, and after my initial reaction (“I thought only real authors have book signings”), I thought “Why not?”

Another example of how this is all new to me, and I’ve spent the last fews days researching book signings – as I found with writing a book, there’s more to it than just showing up and signing.  I had to scramble to design and order some bookmarks to give out (I hope they get here in time), and I need to put together a mailing list sign-up sheet.  Fortunately the store is buying a stock of my books to have on-hand for the signing, and they’ll keep any extras from the signing to sell in their store.  Then there’s what to wear…

And apparently it’s not just signing your name, so I have to think of some short yet creative blurbs to write in the books (and more than one, so I can add some variety).  Finally, I need to make sure at least someone shows up, so more research re: marketing (no press interest at all, so it’s mainly social media).  Oh, and speaking of media, I’ve read that I’m supposed to have a media kit available in case anyone asks for one, so that’s another thing I need to put together…

Putting aside the work, it is fun to have someone (other than a relative or friend) ask you to sign a book – I’m hoping at least a few dozen folks show up, and that there’s a (short) line for at least part of the signing.  I’ll report back how it went; fingers crossed…


NPS Approved

Apparently you need to get approval from the National Park Service before any product can be offered for sale at any of their properties.  My book received approval on Friday, and will be available in the gift shops at Federal Hall and Hamilton Grange later this week!

Now fully on Amazon!

The paperback version is now available on Amazon!  You should also be able to see it in all of the various country versions of Amazon (e.g.,, but it may only be available for pre-order, depending on the country.  The eBook version has been available on Amazon (and the iTunes Store) for awhile now.  Please, please leave a good review if you buy the book and enjoy it!  B

Grand Central and Rockefeller Center

Starting today you can get the paperback at the PIQ stores in Grand Central Terminal and in Rockefeller Center (on 50th Street, directly across from Radio City Music Hall).  The stores are really fun and carry a lot of unique items, and while you’re there you may as well pick up a copy of my book…


Starting today (8/2/16) the book is available at the gift shop at the Morris-Jumel Mansion, where Lin-Manuel Miranda composed a portion of the show.  The mansion is located at 65 Jumel Terrace and has guided tours that tell you all about the history of the mansion.


More Stores!

It’s been a busy week – I just delivered more copies around the city this morning, and the book is now being carried in three places.  In addition to the New-York Historical Society (Upper West Side), each of the Museum of American Finance (Wall Street) and the Museum of the City of New York (Upper East Side) are currently carrying the book in their gift shops.  I have several other places that I’ve approached and that are looking at the book, but that haven’t gotten back to me – I’ll follow up with them in the next few days.

Now in (one) Store!

The New-York Historical Society agreed to carry my book (on a trial basis)!


There it is in the Hamilton area of their gift kiosk, amongst all the other Hamilton items!  They are having a Summer of Hamilton exhibit for a few months, and they thought the book could be of interest to their patrons.  They wanted more copies than I could give them, but hopefully they’ll order more if these sell.

I’m talking to more places around the city – every place has their own requirements, and I’m still waiting to hear back from several places – hopefully more will agree, but I’m happy at least one place took the dive.