1st Book Signing came and went…

img_6656Let’s call it a qualified success.  There was a steady stream of customers into the P!Q store, and more than a few made their way over to my table to take a look at my book.  However, there was more chatting than purchasing.

I really enjoyed talking to people about the book, and I had some great conversations with folks who have seen the show – almost all of those discussions involved some form of the lucky ones who’ve seen the show passionately telling everyone else that the show really is that good, and they need to go see it now!

It was a lot of fun, and I really appreciate the Sarut Group and P!Q hosting my book signing, with a special shout-out to Eric Sims, who was willing to take a chance on carrying my book (which is one of their top-selling titles in the store – I think he said it was number 2 for the past month) and who put together this signing.  I’m trying really hard not to throw away my shot…


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