First Book Signing…

So I have my first book signing ever coming up, this Friday.  PIQ, one of the stores that carries my book, suggested this, and after my initial reaction (“I thought only real authors have book signings”), I thought “Why not?”

Another example of how this is all new to me, and I’ve spent the last fews days researching book signings – as I found with writing a book, there’s more to it than just showing up and signing.  I had to scramble to design and order some bookmarks to give out (I hope they get here in time), and I need to put together a mailing list sign-up sheet.  Fortunately the store is buying a stock of my books to have on-hand for the signing, and they’ll keep any extras from the signing to sell in their store.  Then there’s what to wear…

And apparently it’s not just signing your name, so I have to think of some short yet creative blurbs to write in the books (and more than one, so I can add some variety).  Finally, I need to make sure at least someone shows up, so more research re: marketing (no press interest at all, so it’s mainly social media).  Oh, and speaking of media, I’ve read that I’m supposed to have a media kit available in case anyone asks for one, so that’s another thing I need to put together…

Putting aside the work, it is fun to have someone (other than a relative or friend) ask you to sign a book – I’m hoping at least a few dozen folks show up, and that there’s a (short) line for at least part of the signing.  I’ll report back how it went; fingers crossed…


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